Privacy Policy

SME Assistance Group Pty Ltd is committed to maintaining the privacy of client information.

Your Personal Information?
SME Assistance Group considers all information about our clients and their employees as important and confidential. We take all reasonable steps to secure your information.

Our data security includes:

a. Maintaining secure data storage
b. Password protection
c. Secure hardcopy records management
d. Limiting printed matter
e. Shredding unnecessary printed matter
f. Using confidential environments wherever possible

What kind of information may we need to collect or make notes about?

In order to provide you with our products and services we will ask you to supply information such as:
· Relevant company information
· Relevant Employment Relations information
· Relevant workforce data and information (medical information requires the person's consent)
· The circumstances and facts about needs, issues and incidents requiring support

How do we collect information about you?
SME Assistance Group will request information from you directly. Generally you will have to supply that to us by phone call, email or in person during meetings. We may have a meeting with you and make copies of information for our files. We may take notes during meetings. There is virtually no opportunity for SME Assistance Group to obtain private or confidential information about your organisation or your workforce without requesting it directly from you or without obtaining information from your employment files at your workplace using your workplace office equipment and under your supervision, for the sole purposes of providing our services.
Our processes are very transparent.
We do not record conversations unless we seek your consent. In most cases a recorded conversation with consent is for the purposes of improved note taking during meetings and not for litigation purposes.
We will do our utmost to maintain the privacy of information that we maintain, however, we cannot guarantee information security and we therefore accept no liability if our security systems are breached or your information is lost stolen or damaged.

How do we use your information?
SME Assistance Group will not use your information for any other purpose than to deliver our primary services and in line with our engagement.
SME Assistance Group, including contractors engaged by us, will not trade, rent, sell, share or divulge your personal or sensitive information with any other consulting firm, person or organisation that may wish to do business with you or for any other general unrelated reason. The exception to this rule is where we engage a contractor to perform services within our contract terms with you. The Contractor will be duly qualified, competent and experienced to perform the work and equally bound to the use of your private and sensitive information for primary purposes only, that is to deliver the service for which we are engaged and not breach the Privacy of your information.
When you engage us to perform services for you, we will always formally introduce any Contractor intended to work with us and in respect of their specific engagement or service provision.
We do not conduct operational trade with overseas companies and therefore will not procure services on your behalf or sell or trade information about you to any overseas entity.

When will SME Assistance Group release your information:
SME Assistance Group will not release information about you unless one of the following conditions is met:

-We receive your written consent
-Your auditors or lawyers require the opportunity to review relevant information for audit and legal purposes
-Our Contractors require such information to provide services under our Contract with you and you know about the engagement of the Contractor
-We are required by law to release such information.

Correction of Incorrect information or Concerns?
Our clients have the right to request access to their personal information held by us. Our clients are entitled to ask our Privacy Officer to correct such information in the event that there are errors within same. Should you be concerned that we are holding incorrect information about your organisation, or where you are concerned about out processes to maintain the security of your information, please contact us as soon as possible. Please address your concerns to Carolyn Tate at