Industrial Relations

To add academic context to Industrial Relations it is based on the pluralist view.  This is the view that says every good employment relationship is supported by external forces and that in truth employees will  differ in their expectations at work, with workplace relations having to be a process of compromise to be effective.  It is not a paternalistic pattern of thinking; rather than expecting loyalty it commits to negotiating it and knowingly accepts the inclusion of external stakeholders to achieve this aim.

A typical process within the realm of industrial relations is enterprise bargaining.  A process to encourage the productivity gains for agreeable entitlements.  These documents are very widely used – even by SMEs.

Another typical process within industrial relations, is support and representation with matters before an industrial umpire such as the Fair Work Commission, the Anti Discrimination Commission and Workplace Health and Safety.

Applications and the handling of those applications to an Industrial umpire generally require good knowledge of the legislation and agency processes.

SME Assistance Group successfully assist SMEs with these processes.